Learn from your mistakes


Ways To Improve Work Performance

What's Inside...

  • 21 ways to learn from your most memorable and embarrassing errors, mistakes and costly blunders.
  • How to improve work performance and build massive credibility with your clients and associates.
  • How to identify the causes of our mistakes, how to deal with them — and how to prevent them from recurring.
Ways to improve work performance

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How to improve work performance

Master the Mental Game

You'll learn that the most important ways to
improve quality of work for goal achievement
and optimal performance...is your own psychology.

Improve work performance

Commit to Excellence

Excellence first, excellence always and a commitment
to things right the first time is what gives our work
greater meaning and which gratifies the human soul.

How to learn from mistakes

Analyze This

Doing Things Right the First Time is a philosophy,
a mentality and a performance standard. It's a measure
by which any system, task or outcome can be analyzed.

How to improve quality of work

Choose Your Suffering

To deliver excellent results, claim premium prices and
to enjoy the benefits of a stellar reputation, you must
choose to pay the price of do things right the first time.

Improve quality of work

Raise Your Standards

You must merely decide to make your name synonymous
with excellence and superior execution. But it takes a
lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain high standards.

Learn from your mistakes

It's All About Love

Quality is about love; it’s a passionate obsession with
excellence and it's always the result of high intention,
uncompromising standards and attention to detail.

Do It Right The First Time Is
Easy To Love

That's Why So Many Do.

Gary Ryan Blair always delivers remarkable insights. Read this book
with a highlighter in hand as each page is filled with practical
advice and actionable strategies. I highly recommend it!

Do It Right The First Time

Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author

I was looking for a book to teach my two teenagers about the importance
of goal setting and came across this little gem. I am so thankful for the
helpful advice written in a straight forward manner. We refer to it often.

Do It Right The First Time

Sara Robinson

Super Mom

Do It Right The First Time is the best book I've ever come across on this subject.
I use it in the classroom with my students and they love how easy it
is to understand and put the ideas to work. Best $5 ever spent.

Do It Right The First Time

Craig Mattice


Gary Ryan Blair superbly achieves the goal of providing a roadmap
to excellence. But the true genius of Do It Right The First Time is its universal
relevance, as he combines a highly effective common-sense approach
with frank guidance to enhance results in all areas of life.

Do It Right The First Time

Bill Bartmann

Billionaire Business Coach

I've worked with some other coaches and gurus...with Gary Ryan Blair
there's always a simple, straightforward business model, superior value,
and a penetrating focus that leads to a great results.

Do It Right The First Time

Phil Tirone

7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score

When I first saw the title along with the empowering cover, I was
immediately captivated. Do It Right The First Time speaks to anyone
who wants to learn the skills of self-reliance and take their
destiny into their own hands. I highly recommend it.

Do It Right The First Time

Carol Kornel

Executive Recruiter

If your goal is to become your own hero, listen to Gary Ryan Blair.
He literally wrote the book on the subject, and he's truly a master
at getting people to perform at superior levels.

Do It Right The First Time

Michael Lauer

The Connection Expert

Learn from your mistakes

Do It Right The First Time

Get Your Copy Today...Only $5

I wish I had read a book like Do It Right The First Time when
I was younger. I'm confident I would have achieved much more
throughout my life with less wasted time and effort.

The lessons in Do It Right The First Time work. While they do
not promise a quick fix...they do promise to provide you with the
strategies you need to achieve the goals you desire.

My #1 priority is your happiness. Which means I'll stand by my
product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds
barred, no ifs, ands or buts. Happiness guaranteed.

Ways to improve work performance

How to learn from mistakes
Gary Ryan Blair

Gary Ryan Blair

Are You Ready to Get Everything You Want —
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible?

Because if you are, you're about to learn some powerful
ideas for achieving your goals,
inspiring excellence and
driving radical results.

Where you land in 1, 3 or 10 years isn't achieved by
accident... it's a direct result of the
goals you set TODAY,
and who better to teach you the right way to achieve
your goals
than Gary Ryan Blair.

Over the years, Gary has become known as The
Goals Guy and developed a reputation
as someone
immensely successful entrepeneurs, executives,
professional athletes and
even Special Military Forces
go to when they need to step up their execution skills.

Do It Right The First Time is a meat and potatoes type of book...
it's a rich and hearty meal
delivered in a down to earth
style, along with unforgettable metaphors and fundamental
truths to dispel fears, increase your education, and build
self-confidence, which just so
happens to be one of the
key ingredients for success.